Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teachers as change-makers -- A Chalk Talk

At yesterday's Teacher Advisory Board meeting, we discussed teachers as change-makers and the role of the teacher in advocacy work. Check out the Chalk Talk that got it all started ...

What traits/skills do good teachers have that make them ideal change-makers?
  • lead necessary discussions while making everyone feel included and invested
  • able to tackle multiple jobs at once
  • project management
  • passion for serving communities
  • asking useful questions
  • survival skills
  • assessing/observing potential within groups and individuals
  • good listeners
  • used to changing!
  • not usually condescending
  • thoughtfulnes/connection to the realities of young people's lives
If you were asked to speak to members of Congress, what might you talk about?
  • how all communities (teachers, faimilies, schools, admin., etc.) can work together
    without finger-pointing BUT taking responsibility for each part of the equation.
  • make education available for all, including parents (we have many low-literate and
    illiterate parents)
  • the paramount imporance of parents--who need training. Social service funding MUST
  • elevating the role of the teacher through laws that recognize them as vital to the
    success of our country
  • the necessity to engage active educators in education reform
  • transofrming public schools into center of community engagement institutions. Each
    school should house human support services such as health, housing, parent

What are you an advocate for?

  • making sure kids are treated fairly
  • treating kids as all humans should be
  • humor, thinking, and RECESS
  • trade and technical schools, distance-learning for homebound students or students
    who could do better in this kind of learning environment
  • individuals with special needs
  • equity in schools/educational opportunities
  • lifelong education! accessible education for all ages
  • creative thinking
  • *highest* respect for children

Can schools change society? How?

  • Yes, by offering young members of society opportunities to thrive, discover their
    strengths, and grow.
  • Yes, by educating parents.
  • Yes! But schools must be 'hubs' for collaboration and service to community.
  • Yes, by preparing young people to be the designers of a better future.
  • Yes, by demonstrating how people connected to a school--i.e., students, parents,
    educators, community members--can work together toward a single goal.

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