Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why We're Here

The task of transforming education is not for the faint of heart. The slow process of change takes patience. The incredible hurdles along the way require unwavering commitment. But what gets education reformers up each day is an overwhelming passion for their work.

Today we're asking the Inspired Teaching staff:

What makes you passionate about your work with students, teachers, and schools?


Sabrina said...

It is a privilege to work on behalf of children and in collaboration with teachers locally here in DC. Often I find that the children, teachers, and I share similarities in our backgrounds. I can often point to parallels in our personal life histories. Propelled by those similarities, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the creation and support of high quality, effective teaching so that children of DC can reap the benefits that are inherent in an excellent education. I realize that I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me. Working with Inspired Teaching affords me the opportunity to, a small way, stand erect and allow the next generation to climb onto my shoulders.

Kate Keplinger said...

On the big picture level, my work at Inspired Teaching combines my passion and firm belief in the need for social change/social justice, the power of people to make that change, my interest in public policy, and my roots and faith in public education. I hope that Inspired Teaching can better equip young people to solve the problems we have created worldwide with our short-term, quick-fix, me-first mentality. If we change how young people are educated, we can change the world. On a much smaller level, I adore the people I work with -- my colleagues, teachers, mentors -- who are also committed to the idea of Inspired Teaching.

Tatyana said...

Beyond the superb progressive approach that Inspired Teaching engages in, for myself, it is being a part of an extraordinary community of incredibly talented individuals that call Inspired Teaching home which truly makes this work worthwhile. I may be passionate about a variety of social justice goals, but education is one that is so vital to the health and success of most (if not all) of the others.

What distinguishes Center for Inspired Teaching is the commitment, passion, and brilliance of all the teachers (current and former) that come together to share, enlighten, and fight for progress within our schools, and by extension, our communities. There is simply nothing more inspiring than that.

Catalina said...

I often find myself thinking how grateful I am to work at Inspired Teaching. This may seem trite or contrived. Well --it is true!

Inspired Teaching for me is
Never having to regret the
Spirit of our mission, our
It keeps me
Rolling along

To come to work
Each morning is
A gift. Another great
Chance to
Have an
Inspired day
Nurture educators, and
Give back to students.

Monisha said...

I am passionate about the work of Inspired Teaching because of the genuine organizational belief in the capacity of teachers and the nobility of the profession. I find the work I do at Inspired Teaching to be extremely meaningful because of the investment I get to make in teachers every day. Witnessing teachers experience magical “aha” moments in their work, leads me to feel inspired every day and keeps me passionate about my work. Working for an organization that truly values the work of teachers and the profession itself, makes my job so much more enjoyable. I strongly believe in the philosophy of Inspired Teaching, and more importantly I am passionate about the approach we use to influence change in the educational system. I am passionate about the importance of teachers in society, and through my work at Inspired Teaching I feel that I have the opportunity to be an advocate, a resource, and a champion for teachers.

Kirby said...

After my interview at Inspired Teaching, I got into the elevator, wisely waited for the doors to close completely, and said aloud to the four walls, “Oh, I really want to work here!” And I immediately thought of five things I thought I should have said better. Luckily for me, I did get hired, and everyday has proved to me how right my intuition was the day of my interview. In my teaching experience, I developed the intense respect I have for how difficult and essential the teaching profession is. However, I was never able to articulate, or even grasp, the philosophy that Inspired Teaching has about what education should be like for students and teachers. And I find it incredible that I can work alongside people who are so talented and yet so grounded, and who share the passion, patience, and focus that comes from working towards an ideal that is as just as difficult and essential to achieve as teaching itself.

Monisha said...
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Deborah said...

What gets me up everyday to work for Inspired Teaching?

the possibility -
that I can be a part of the tremendous work being done to improve teaching and learning for the children of the District of Columbia

my beliefs -
that education opens paths, opens minds, enhances the experience of life and is a source of joy

my wish -
to link my diminutive efforts with the work of others so that we might touch the future and pave the way for better tomorrows

In short, this work is a source of optimism and delight - what a joy it is for me!

Anonymous said...

I have dedicated my life to serving young people because it is what I was BORN to do. I have vivid memories of all of the adults that have had a positve impact on my life when I was growing up. Most of them were teachers. I am proud to be an EDUCATOR! I would never pursue a career path that did not involve children. Teaching and education are like air to me...... I need it to live. I am so blessed to wake up each day and spend my days with glowing,curious,impressionable,and energetic angels.