Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Teachers are the Solution

All summer teachers in our Inspired Teaching Institute have expressed concern and worry about all the press surrounding upheaval and change in DC's school system.

We've taken the opportunity to remind them that while the system may struggle to find its financial and administrative footing, the real solution has been right in front of us all along. Teachers are the solution.

Given high expectations and effective training and support so they can reach those expectations, teachers could have the power to change the way DC’s children are educated. We’ve worked with thousands of DC educators over the years and have seen what is possible when teachers do what it takes to ensure every child in their care reaches his full potential.

When teachers recognize that even struggling students have an innate desire to learn, and then meet that desire with instruction that is relevant, challenging, and engaging, students excel, teachers enjoy their jobs, and schools improve.

We have been pleased to see new Chancellor Michelle Rhee quoted as saying “good teachers are the key to improving schools.”

D.C.’s educational system will improve when we devote as much time and energy to our teachers as we do to the politicians and policies that govern our schools.

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Chuck Bean said...

Jenna, thanks for your post and the Center's advocacy and support of teachers. I think DC has a unique moment and while we need to remain focused on our core missions, advocates need to join together across causes -- special education, youth development, facilities reform. - Chuck Bean