Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inspired Science Teachers

The Science Across the Curriculum Advanced Seminar wrapped up tonight, and we closed by creating 'Inspired Science Teacher Oaths.' The teachers reflected on all the challenges they faced in teaching science and thought of ways they could overcome those obstacles. They generated lofty, personal 'to-do' lists, which we fashioned into a choral poem and individual oaths. Here is a selection of their promises to themselves and their students:

I am an Inspired Science Teacher.

I will let my students know that science happens every day, not just from 1:20 to 2:20 on Thursdays.

I will do more experiments.

I will let the children explore the world around them.

I will integrate science with math and technology.

I will read picture books and poems in science class.

I will use all the materials I have. I will scavenge my closet and my garage for things I can use.

I will find more ways to engage all students with lively activities.

I will utilize my colleagues, and use my knowledge of science to share ideas with them.

I will have my children living and thinking science all day.

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